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Dive into your network traffic

NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer helps net admins with bandwidth monitoring, network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting. Based on the NetFlow statistics, it can be exported from your routers, L3 switches and even ASAs. NetFlow Analyzer is great network forensics tool that allows easy network monitoring with clear insight into bandwidth utilization.

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Investigate your systems

EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer helps net and system admins in identifying security incidents, policy violations, and operational issues. It supports Syslog and SNMP Trap which can be exported from virtualy any device. EventLog Analyzer is a tool for log forensics, syslog monitoring, server log analysis and eventlog management, which helps with security information and event management.

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Free Tools

Discover your devices

MIB Browser

MIB Browser is a free MIB manager enabling net admins to view, search and request data available through SNMP on a managed device. 

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Test your domains

DNS Checker

DNS checker is a free web service for testing the health of your DNS domain and DNS servers. You can test any public domain for errors and miss-configurations and get detailed DNS information.

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