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Our Mision:  

We inspire each other to create true value together!

Our Values:

It is crucial for us to Connect and Bond, to be able to Communicate and Cooperate honestly and productively.


Trust and Faith in what we do and how we do it, makes us Proud and Confident that we are on the right track.


By constantly Researching we get to be Open-minded and Innovative, thus constantly Learn and Perfect ourselves.


Having fun is a great part of our Bonding process, allowing us to be Social and Happy together, finally liberating our creativity.


Our constant, transparent share of Knowledge and Experience within our team and the World, makes us Reliable and Trustworthy.

About NetVizura

NetVizura brings easy-to-use, flexible and affordable network monitoring solutions.
Our goal is to help network teams be more efficient thus making your business more effective.

Why we do it?

There are a lot of solution out there offering tons of information about networks - but how do you efficiently find what you want in all that information and then use it effectively?

This is where NetVizura comes in. Our vision is to help network teams understand and manage their networks easily.

We strongly believe that the right way to develop software solutions is to work together with our clients to bring out the maximum business value.

Our focus is:

  • easy-to-use interface showing you the right information for the network problem you are solving and
  • flexible configuration abilities that can cover your specific needs.

How we do it?

Our clients can give insights in business value (what should be developed and why) and our skilled developer team delivers quality features (how to develop in order to maximize value).

Getting the real customer feedback and then adjusting the development - that is the Agile way of thinking and software development. That is why we are practicing Agile. That is why you can influence features we deliver in our next release.

So, join us today to create even better NetVizura solutions!

Quick History

nevizura history timeline

Soneco was established in 2006, while NetVizura team (known as ICmyNet team at the time) was formed in 2008. We started with strong academic ties and developed network monitoring solution for AMRES, Academic network of Serbia. First commercial version of our solution was released in 2010. After successful implementation in Serbia, we started thinking global. 

We became Cisco Solution Partner in 2011 and adopted Agile way of thinking and Scrum development framework in 2012. In 2014 we re-branded to NetVizura and are now expanding to new markets. We also added EventLog and MIB Browser to our integrated solution.


About Soneco

Soneco is a Serbia based company that specializes in software development and ICT consulting. Since 2006, we have been growing steadily and our solutions have left a significant mark on some of the core ICT transformations in the region, earning us a wider recognition as a reliable partner and software developer of consistent quality.

Soneco continues to focus on client satisfaction and building strong relationships with partners. We take pride in establishing a strong reference list, consisting of recognizable clients in Government, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Telecommunication and Education verticals. 

We have been Cisco Solutions Partners since 2011 and Oracle Gold Partner since 2010 and we operate in full complience with ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO/IEC 27001 (information security management) standards. 

Contact Us

Mailing and Visiting Address:
Soneco d.o.o.
Makenzijeva 24/VI, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381.11.6356319
Fax: +381.11.2455210
Email: NetVizura Sales Team