EventLog Analyzer
  • EventLog Analyzer - NetVizura - One Place for ALL Logs

    One Place for ALL Logs

    • centralized log collection, analysis and archiving
    • process millions of logs per hour

  • EventLog Analyzer - NetVizura - Efficient Network Team

    Efficient Network Team

    • faster analysis and reaction
    • better security and lower downtime


Why EventLog Analyzer?

EventLog Analyzer is practical solution that collects and archives huge amount of Syslogs and SNMP traps. This helps security admins in identifying security incidents, policy violations and operational issues. Virtually every device in your network can generate logs (Syslogs and SNMP traps) that provide powerful insights into network security and health. EventLog Analyzer allows net admins to analyse, contain and counter incidents faster and reduce downtime quicker, by visualising and searching logs by network devices, severity level, time stamps and message text.

Having an EventLog Analyzer means saving hours and hours of time needed for manual collection, search and analysis of logs and correlation of events in the network. It empowers your network team leading to lower company operational costs, lower services downtime and better network security.


Customer Stories

"NetVizura is very easy to use, which gives our helpdesk engineers an opportunity to detect and solve problems before they are escalated to the network engineering team."

Vinko Draganja, Helpdesk coordinator at RCUB

Vinko Draganja, Helpdesk coordinator at RCUB


Why NetVizura EventLog Analyzer?

Easy Visualization

Two type of interactive charts and color mapping of Syslog severity show severity contribution, device contribution and log number. Everything to get you started - at a glance.

Millions of Logs per Hour

Built and tested for millions of logs per hour or more than 5,000 logs per second.

Quick Filters and Powerful Search

Filter logs by device IP, log severity, time stamp or log message text in few clicks. Gets the job done - faster.

Simple Pricing - No Limitations

NetVizura EventLog Analyzer license has no limitations on number of logs, devices, users or anything else.


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