NetFlow Analyzer
  • NetFlow Analyzer - NetVizura - know your network traffic

    Goodbye Black Box

    • network is no longer a black box
    • know who, what and when of your network traffic

  • NetFlow Analyzer - NetVizura - Better Resource Utilization & Planning

    Better Resource Utilization & Planning

    • optimize bandwidth usage and link capacity
    • optimize application’s QoS policies

  • NetFlow Analyzer - NetVizura - Empowering Net Admin

    Empowering Net Admin

    • make your network team more efficient
    • make your business more effective


Why NetFlow Analyzer?

NetFlow Analyzer is easy solution for net admins to better understand bandwidth consumption, traffic trends, applications, hosts and traffic anomalies, by visualising the traffic by network devices, interfaces and subnets, traffic  segments and end users. NetFlow Analyzer utilizes Cisco® NetFlow, IPFIX, NSEL and compatible netflow-like protocols to help net admins with bandwidth monitoring, network traffic investigation, analyses and reporting. 

This enables companies to optimise their networks and applications, plan network expansion, save time needed for troubleshooting and diagnostics and improve security – in turn considerably lowering company operational costs and increasing network team productivity. 


What is NetFlow?

NetFlow is a network protocol, developed by Cisco Systems, used for exporting collected IP flow traffic. This data is exported to a server, where it is collected, processed, aggregated and archived. It can then be reviewed in a more user-friendly form. NetFlow Analyzer performs all of these functions.

There are numerous NetFlow protocol versions, most important of which are versions 5 and 9. Version 5 is commonly used on most Cisco NetFlow enabled devices. NetFlow version 9 is the latest version, created to support advanced technologies such as MPLS, IPv6, Multicast, VLANs, etc.

Customer Stories

"We use NetVizura for link bandwidth monitoring, unwanted traffic examination, network users requirements and policy abuse check."

Risto Velemir, Chief of section at RFZO

Risto Velemir, Chief of section at RFZO

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Why NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer?

More than bandwidth monitoring

Why stop at bandwidth consumption monitoring when you can have more?

NetVizura is a powerful analytic tool that gives your network team more information: extensive flow records with no archive size limit, flow and packets charts in addition to standard bits charts to name a few. Boost your capacity to troubleshoot faster and increases your network security in addition to bandwidth monitoring!

More visibility with less NetFlow routers

NetVizura allows you to enable NetFlow export on just a few routers and still get network-wide traffic statistics segmented into IPsubnets that represent departments and remote offices.

Simple pricing

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer license is based solely on the flow rate of your network.There are no limitations to the number of NetFlow routers, interfaces, hosts or users.

Custom traffic monitoring

Why monitor just interface traffic when you can monitor any traffic?

NetVizura allows you to define custom traffic to be monitored based on IP subnets and traffic characteristics like protocol and service used. Monitor specific traffic for each organisational unit in your network such as departments, remote sites and collections of regional offices by identifying them with IP subnets.

No NetFlow capable device? No problem!

Get full statistics without any NetFlow capable device by installing a free software for NetFlow capture and export.Traffic will be separated into different segments by IPsubnets and monitored viaTraffic Patterns.


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