NetFlow Analyzer

netflow features 1

  • Networking Devices

    Use facts to plan your load balancing, network capacity and expansion.

    Understand how your networking devices (routers and L3 switches) are used in your network. Identify top consuming interfaces, hosts, services, conversations, protocols, QoS, and AS.

  • Networking Interfaces

    Optimize your interface usage, block unwanted traffic and prioritize mission-critical applications.

    You can do this by gaining insight into your traffic distribution - which hosts, services, conversations, protocols, QoS, and AS consume most of your interface bandwidth.

  • Traffic Distribution

    Explore device traffic structure - how it is distributed by various dimensions.

    Traffic distribution is available per:

    • Interfaces (Device Traffic only)
    • Hosts (IP addresses and DNS names)
    • Conversations (end-to-end conversation between two hosts using the same service and protocol)
    • Services/Applications (according to the TCP/UDP ports)
    • Protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, GRE, ESP...)
    • QoS markers (ToS, DSCP or IP precedence)
    • AS (Autonomous System)