EventLog Analyzer

eventlog features 1

  • Syslog and SNMP Trap Support

    Almost any network device can generate logs. NetVizura EventLog Analyzer supports Syslog and SNMP trap message collecting and archiving.

  • Millions of Logs per Hour

    Built and tested for millions of logs per hour or more than 20,000 logs per second - get whole of your network devices covered!

  • Alarms

    Gain faster reaction speed by alarms based on Syslog message and SNMP trap message characteristics.

    Syslog alarm triggers if message severity, facility, text or source IP (or their combination) is matched. SNMP Trap alarm triggers if message Trap OID, variable values or source IP (or their combination) is matched. All alarms are accessed from Alarm dashboard allowing quick jumps to objects that triggered the alarm.