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Since NetFlow Analyzer has been originally developed in the academic environment itself, we wish to give back to the academic community by offering limited NetFlow Analyzer license free of charge. In strengthening the ties with academic institutions we seek the possibility to improve both our software and the quality of academic networks. 

For those public funded academic institutions that wish to get involved, we offer Free Academic License Program – FALP. By entering FALP you will receive license key limited to 500 fps, initial support necessary for proper implementation of the Software, updates and update related support in order to enhance your NetFlow Analyzer experience. As respected partners of Soneco FALP users may also receive ongoing support, however their support tickets will be handled as secondary priority (after regular Commercial users).

Read our FALP aggreement: NetVizura Free Academic License Program Agreement (PDF, 100KB).

To apply for the Free Academic License Program, fill in the request bellow:
Note: Free license is given in exchange for providing a link to our product from a suitable page on the academic institution website (partners, tools)


Free Academic License Program Form

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Website page on which you will state that you are using our software
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Not for FALP?

Ask for Academic discount!
(if you are not publicly funded or can not
abide by the FALP agreement terms.)


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