NetFlow Analyzer

netflow features 2

  • Traffic Types

    Internet, site-to-site, specific application, blocked, social media and torrent traffic are all at your fingertips.

    Define and monitor network traffic that is most interesting to you, regardless of physical infrastructure. Your custom traffic is defined by creating Traffic Patterns. A Traffic Patterns represents traffic between two networks with specific characteristics like routers and interfaces the traffic went through, service ports, AS number, QoS, Protocol and nexthop used.

  • Organizational Units

    Monitor and analyze traffic data per department, remote office, group of regional offices etc.

    Combine subnets with Traffic Patterns and gain ability to monitor YouTube traffic per department, traffic between Data centre and remote offices, and much more! All you need to do is add an IP subnet and it will be automatically added to existing IP subnet hierarchy and applied to appropriate Traffic Patterns. IP subnets can be grouped into logical groups (Subnet Sets), too. In this way, you can establish a fully customizable hierarchy of your network and get full traffic for each organisational unit and sub-unit.

  • Traffic Distribution

    Explore custom traffic structure - how it is distributed by various dimensions.

    Traffic distribution is available per:

    • Subnets/Subnet Sets (organizational units)
    • Hosts (IP addresses and DNS names)
    • Conversations (end-to-end conversation between two hosts using the same service and protocol)
    • Services/Applications (according to the TCP/UDP ports)
    • Protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, GRE, ESP...)
    • QoS markers (ToS, DSCP or IP precedence)
    • AS (Autonomous System)