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Why MIB Browser?

MIB Browser is a free tool used for device SNMP queries across company network, configuration of SNMP servers and for device SNMP walk. It allows you to view, search and operate data available through SNMP on a managed device (e.g. router).

You can load MIB modules, walk thorugh MIB tree to look at the definitions and search MIB database. You can requests SNMP operations (GET, GETNEXT, GETBULK and SET) for a  articular OID in the MIB of an SNMP managed device. The SNMP output is show as table to enhance readability.


Customer Stories

"NetVizura is very easy to use, which gives our helpdesk engineers an opportunity to detect and solve problems before they are escalated to the network engineering team."

Vinko Draganja, Helpdesk coordinator at RCUB

Vinko Draganja, Helpdesk coordinator at RCUB


Why NetVizura MIB Browser?

Easy Visualization

Results of SNMP requests are displayed in tabular form making it easy to read them.

Quick OID Search and Info

Quickly search the MIB tree and access OID description.

MIBs management in one place

MIBs can be imported, updated or removed from Settings. If there are any dependencies, NetVizura will name them.

Free License

NetVizura MIB Browser is completely free - no limitations on number of SNMP requests, devices or users. The only thing we will ask from you is to place 2 short reviews on selected websites.


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