Business Partners

Business partners play a critical role in supporting our overall strategy. Our goal is to recruit companies that are well aligned with our software solutions and have considerable vertical market expertise, and on the other side we are also committed to helping these companies build a sustainable and profitable business.

Our recruitment process remains focused on quality over quantity. Partners are selected and trained in the installation, integration, support and consultancy of building and delivering best-in-class solutions to end customers.

networks unlimited

Since 1992, Networks Unlimited has been helping companies to reduce costs, manage risk and increase business efficiency through improved IT operations. It has grown to become one of the UK's most successful, dynamic and innovative market leaders in IT network management, security and productivity solutions.

Networks Unlimited is Soneco's authorized reseller of NetVizura for UK and Ireland since 2014.

+44 (0)1798 873001
spindox logo

Spindox is a company started in 2007, with the background in software. Today they operate in a wide range of application areas, technologies and processes. Spindox supports their clients in managing applications and IT infrastructures, from demand management to software development, from help desk services to infrastructure maintenance.

Spindox is Soneco’s authorized reseller of NetVizura for Italian market since 2017.

+39 02 91095101

Enel PS offers the full spectrum of data centre services in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1995.

Together with Enel PS, Soneco has developed a special application for physical infrastructure monitoring in data centres.

+381 11 3132 113
fullcontrol logo

Full Control Networks is a leading independent provider of network products and services with nearly 20 years experience in the networks industry. They have the knowledge and experience to help their customers gain the visibility and speed they demand from their network.

Full Control Networks is Soneco’s authorized reseller of NetVizura for UK since 2016.

+44(0)1677 428 700

Jupiter Technology Corporation, founded in 2001, is the leading supplier of more than 20 products for Syslog management, network management and network security with more than 5,000 customers in Japan. They have localized provided products and are offering technical support to the users. Their customer base has expanded from large enterprises to SMBs and from the public to the private sector. They aspire to meet diversified and sophisticated customer requirements with thier portfolio consisted of high-quality products.

Jupiter Technology Corporation is Soneco’s authorized reseller of NetVizura for Japan since 2019.

+81 42 358 1250
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By reselling NetVizura software you can keep 20-40% of total product price including standard annual maintenance fee and yearly subscriptions.


Technology Partners

We are proud to have established a valuable knowledge network during our course of work. Since we originated from academic background, it is natural that it first started with other educational institutions. Besides these traditional partners, we continued to cooperate with some of the best technology companies in the world to provide our clients with deep expertise and innovative technology.

Our technology partners help us standardize, enhance and laverage our product features in order to deliver most effective solutions to our customers' everyday problems. Our primary goal is building reliable and long-term relationships with our technology partners, in order to stay ahead and keep up to date with industry latest findings and trends in our industry.

cisco solution partner 2

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco is is the worldwide leader in networking, communications and IT. The company’s product offerings fall into three main categories:
its core technologies - routing and switching; advancedtechnologies; and other products.

Soneco is Cisco Solution Partner since 2011 offering Cisco Compatible software that fulfills its strict requirements and undergones technical interoperability testing.


Academic Network of Serbia
Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES) is the national research and education network of Serbia, offering modern information -communication services and Internet connection to it's users. It is considered to be one of the most advanced networks in the country, with over 180 institutions connected via high speed darkfibre links and more than 150.000 active users.

NetVizura is actively used in AMRES network, which provides us with the valuable community feedback comming from the large and demanding customer.