NetFlow Analyzer

netflow features 3

  • Network Domains

    Get a unique perspective on the traffic made by your network users.

    Domain traffic shows traffic belonging to a specific local network as registered by domain controller. This is done by mapping login events sent over syslog messages from domain controllers or worstations to the NetVizura server. Such information provides basis for optimal network use and, if security threat is constrained to a specific domain, a more precise insight on sources and targets.

  • Network Users

    Identify user's needs towards your network, discover illegitimate network use, and investigate security risks.

    To track end users it is necessary to correlate traffic to a specific user instead of IP address. Mapping IP addresses to usernames manually is a time consuming and error-prone activity. NetVizura enhances the efficiency of this process by automatically correlating IP address usage during specific time with specific user name.

  • Traffic Distribution

    Explore end user traffic structure - how it is distributed by various dimensions.

    Traffic distribution is available per:

    • Hosts (IP addresses and DNS names)
    • Conversations (end-to-end conversation between two hosts using the same service and protocol)
    • Services/Applications (according to the TCP/UDP ports)
    • Protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, GRE, ESP...)
    • QoS markers (ToS, DSCP or IP precedence)
    • AS (Autonomous System)