Soneco is proud to announce that new version of NetVizura is available for download (RPM, DEB packets , Windows, ISO and VmWare installer). 

New in version 5.2


  • Until NetVizura 5.2, data were aggregated in 5-minute intervals. Now, we have reached a huge milestone – besides 5-minute it is possible to have data aggregated in 1-minute intervals. Henceforth you can monitor your traffic near real-time. Set up your desired data aggregation interval by following instructions on the page Data aggregation interval
  • Elasticsearch database becomes the main database. To learn more about its strengths and benefits, visit Elasticsearch
  • We have developed the Migration tool, an instrument for the swift transfer of data from PostgreSQL to Elasticsearch. Find out more on the following page NetVizura Data Migration
  • Charts and tables offer the functionalities you already use, however, they are now more modern, visually appealing and interactive

Data migration is only required if you are using previous versions of NetVizura (NetVizura 4.7.4 and older). Once you complete data migration, it is not possible to migrate data back to NetVizura 4.x version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have both NetFlow Analyzer and EventLog Analyzer modules, please contact before clearing data from PostgreSQL.



  • Further improvements to Dashboard
  • Minor bugfixes were made.

IMPORTANT NOTE - NetVizura 5.2

Dear customers,

Around two years ago we set ourselves a goal – to further improve traffic monitoring.

In the beginning, we decided to introduce novelties in our technology stack. After meticulous research, our focus was on the following:

  • the transition from PostgreSQL to Elasticsearch database
  • modernization of our charts and making them more functional with the JavaScript framework.

Our journey has started with the introduction of Dashboard Beta in version 4.7.1, and by NetVizura 5.1 Beta we have completed 95% of our goals.

There was also a very important task ahead of us – to provide a tool for uncomplicated and straightforward data migration to the Elasticsearch database to our loyal customers, who have patiently stood by us during this voyage. The result is the Migration Toola free tool available for download on the NetVizura website.

Furthermore, we were eager to put the new database to the test. We came up with a solution that combines our goal to improve NetVizura with the request we have been receiving for some time – 1-minute aggregation interval. Not only have we satisfied our curiosity, but we have been blown away by the performance of the new database! And now, with NetVizura 5.2 we can share this experience with you – besides the 5-minute aggregation interval, that remains available, we are offering a 1-minute aggregation interval.

This means that NetVizura 5.2 allows you to monitor your traffic practically almost in real-time on the more responsive and visually pleasing charts!

We are so pleased we can introduce this version to you after many months of hard work, followed by many months of particularly thorough testing.

Last but not least, we want to express our gratitude to you, our customers, for your patience and support while we were in the process of transition. We hope you will be satisfied with the result we have come up with.

Enjoy monitoring your traffic in the new year with the new and improved NetVizura 5.2!

Sincerely yours,

NetVizura team