Soneco is proud to announce that new version of NetVizura is available for download (RPM, DEB packets , Windows, ISO and VmWare installer). 

New in version 5.1.0 Beta


  • CentOS 9 distribution is now supported
  • Debian 11 distribution is now supported
  • Ubuntu 22 distribution is now supported
  • Many existing NetFlow Analyzer functionalities have been transitioned to modern technologies compared to NetVizura 5.0 Beta
  • Dashboard Beta is now main dashboard, and it is no longer in beta phase
  • Minor bugfixes were made


IMPORTANT NOTE - NetVizura 5.1 Beta

Dear customers,

We have continued with the transition to Elasticsearch NoSQL database, although, at the moment, it remains optional. If you wish to explore NetVizura 5.1 beta, and you are already a user of NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer, please do not upgrade the existing version, but install it on a clean server. The reason behind this is that migration of your data is not currently possible (we are working on making it possible soon).

Besides applying the latest technology, we aim to improve your chart’s readability thus further enabling informed decision-making and enhancing your network security. NetVizura 5.1 beta charts lack some features compared to the previous versions at this point, nevertheless shortly we will release version that includes those features and many new ones. We still have some work to do before having our NetFlow Analyzer completely modernized.

If you have questions or need assistance with installation, we are just one email away. For questions, please contact, and for installation

We will not keep you waiting long. Stable version with fresh looking functionalities that you already enjoy using, accompanied with some new and cool features is coming before long. So, stay in touch!

Sincerely yours,
NetVizura team


Here you can visit changelog page and see the history of our progress.

We hope you will enjoy using improved NetVizura, and we look forward to receiving your feedback (positive and negative are both equally welcome).

NetVizura Team