Soneco announced that it has joined the Cisco Developer Network as a Registered Developer within the Network Software and Systems technology category. In addition, Soneco’s ICmyNet.Media 1.0 has successfully completed interoperability testing with Cisco Medianet 2.0.

The Cisco Developer Network unites Cisco with third-party developers of hardware and software to deliver tested interoperable solutions to joint customers. As a Registered Developer, Soneco offers a complementary product offering and has started to collaborate with Cisco to meet the needs of joint customers. With offerings such as ICmyNet.Media 1.0, customers can more quickly deploy a broad range of Cisco Compatible business applications, devices, or services that can enhance the capabilities, performance, and management of their Cisco network. For more information on ICmyNet.Media 1.0 interoperability with Cisco Medianet 2.0 go to:

* Interoperability testing is designed to simulate typical customer configurations, and does not replace the need for on-site testing in conjunction with actual implementation.


About Soneco:

Soneco stands for Software, Network and Consulting. Our knowledge and experience in ICT areas resulted in a new network management solution – ICmyNet. At first, ICmyNet was developed for our internal needs by combining the knowledge and experience of our network engineers and software development team. Soon after, we have realized that other network administrators share the same problems and needs - and that they are looking for similar solutions, too.

Free software solutions are simple, but not flexible enough, and most important, they are a real nightmare for keeping their configuration updated with frequent network changes. On the other hand, software available on the world market gives you flexibility, but sacrifices the simplicity. They are far from easy to use, and you need a wide range of different modules.

This is why our vision became to develop software tool-set which brings all network related data in the most efficient way. Driven by principles of Simplicity, Efficiency and Flexibility, we have brought the ICmyNet tool-set to you.

As a new company on the market, Soneco is actively searching for technology providers in order to make our software solutions better and therefor rise the customer experience. As most of our products are based or related to Cisco technology (such asICmyNet.Flow and ICmyNet.Media) teaming up with Cisco Systems was the obvious first choice.



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