ICmyNet is now NetVizura! When Soneco started developing network management and network traffic monitoring solutions we created a brand ICmyNet that is focused on network administrators needs in our region. As we continued to grow and expand to new markets and enterprise customers we have decided to mark the change by changing the brand name into NetVizura.

NetVizura tool-set gives you our solutions remade in new technologies and with modern design that emphasizes our long term principals: simplicity, efficiency and flexibility.

We have also changed the names of our products:

ICmyNet.Flow    NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer
ICmyNet.MultiLog   NetVizura EventLog Analyzer
ICmyNet.MIB   NetVizura EventLog Analyzer
ICmyNet.Media   NetVizura MIB Browser
ICmyNet.DNS   NetVizura DNS Checker



We hope that you will experience the positive change in our solutions development, too.

Your NetVizura Team



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