Soneco is proud to announce that new version of NetVizura is available for download (RPM, DEB packets , Windows, ISO and VmWare installer). 

New in version 4.7.1


  • New version of dashboard, Dashboard Beta, that can be customized based on your particular needs (optional)
  • Elasticsearch NoSQL database has partially replaced PostgreSQL database (optional)
  • Minor bugfixes were made

NetFlow Analyzer

  • There is an option to rename interfaces
  • Minor bugfixes were made

EventLog Analyzer

  • Minor bugfixes were made.


Version 4.7.1 brings two great novelties, as you may see from the listed above. We have started introducing Elasticsearch, a noSQL database primarily based on the text data search. This database is an option, while PostgreSQL is still our primary database. To be more precise, currently Elasticsearch is a condition for using the other new functionality - Dashboard Beta, customizable dashboard with more modern and, most importantly, more functional charts.

At the moment, NetVizura is in the process of transition of time series data metrics from traditional RDBMS (PostgreSQL) to Elasticsearch database. While the aforementioned transition is ongoing, whether the Elasticsearch database will be enabled is left to the users to decide.

PostgreSQL will still be a main database of NetVizura in the near future. Once NetVizura database starts completely to rely on Elasticsearch regarding time series data,  all charts and tables will retrieve data from it. Hopefully, this change will lead to many great and customizable features.

If you would like to learn more about these new NetVizura functionalities, check out Dashboard Beta.

Here you can visit changelog page and see the history of our progress.

We hope you will enjoy using improved NetVizura, and we look forward to receiving your feedback (positive and negative are both equally welcome).

NetVizura Team


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