Soneco is proud to announce that new version of NetVizura is available for download (RPM, DEB packets and Windows installer). 

New in version 4.6.0


  • LDAP integration (AD and Open LDAP) is provided for central management of user accounts
  • System notifications are improved to better inform you about your support expiry and renewal actions
  • Guide on how to setup SSL and HTTPS connection between NetVizura web app and server is now available in our documentation (read more)
  • NetVizura backup and restore procedures for Windows OS are now prepared and available

NetFlow Analyzer

  • sFlow collection from various devices is now supported
  • Hiding Others from chart is now available, if it consumes most of the traffic
  • Compare feature is now added for comparing total (Overview) traffic with traffic made in the previous period, to spot positive or negative deviations


Here you can visit changelog page and see the history of our progress.


We are looking forward to your impressions and feedback.

NetVizura Team


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