1. NetVizura might not work properly if updated from more older versions
    We kindly urge you to successively update to each intermediate version and then to latest version.

  2. NetVizura will not work if updated after support period has expired
    Make sure that your support has not expired before you start updating.

  3. It is not possible to update NetVizura on free trial
    If you want to extend your assessment for one additional month, please request a new free trial license.

  4. When you update NetVizura we strongly recommend performing the update in a test environment before updating your production site.

Updater downloads:

Linux Debian/Ubuntu 4.6.1 updater package

Linux CentOS 6 4.6.1 update patch

Linux CentOS 7 4.6.1 update patch

Windows 4.6.1 updater package


Update instructions for latest version

Linux Debian update guide / Linux Ubuntu update guide

Linux CentOS update guide

Windows update guide

If you need update instructions for earlier versions of NetVizura, please feel free to contact us.


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