Open vSwitch NetFlow configuration


Open vSwitch (sometimes called OvS) is an open-source implementation of distributed virtual multilayer switch. The main role of OvS is to provide a switching stack for hardware virtualization and is slowly replacing Linux native bridge/bonds. Open vSwitch can operate as a network switch within VM Hypervisor, as well as in dedicated switching hardware control stack(also known as Software Defined Networking or shortly SDN). The features of OvS are numerous and it would take one blog alone to enumerate them. Therefore, we are going to stick to our domain, for which it supports Netflow, sFlow and IPFX.

Open vSwitch interface configuration 

OvS interface configuration is similar to the older Linux bridging/bonding. For example, to migrate from regular configuration to OvS you would need to install an openvswitch-switch package (e.g. Debian). This configuration is usual for Proxmox VE.

The regular configuration should look like this:

The same configuration in OvS follows:

That would be it for the basic interface configuration!

Open vSwitch NetFlow configuration

Now we can proceed to NetFlow configuration:

By completing this step we have finished the aforementioned configuration. If you would like to check whether the NetFlow is working correctly, use the following command:

​You may see the expected output on the image below:

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