Having administrator job these days means overseeing numerous IP devices, so logging is somewhat indispensable. Every info, warning and error occurred on these devices needs to be logged and saved for possible inspection. We here provide you with 5 reasons for using EventLog Analyzer in your day to day job:

1. Compliance

By various compliance standards (iso27001 for example) your company must have available logs saved for possible auditing for a specific period of time. This means that you must have available and resilient software which is capable of holding possibly very large number of syslog messages and/or traps.

2. Central logging location

Managing each and every server log can be cumbersome task. EventLog Analyzer is centralized location for storing all syslog messages and SNMP traps (in case of network devices). Also in case of your devices failing, you have history messages inside EventLog Analyzer.

3. Management console

Logs can be heavy. They also can be virtually unsearchable and sometimes hard to read. With management console you have ease of use and also some advance features like search, sorting and grouping.

4. Message filtering

Sometimes you don't want to store all logs inside EventLog Analyzer. One of the important features of ELA is message filtering, based on any syslog message (or SNMP trap) field. In example, this could mean that you can reject messages in order not to save them inside message database. Let's say all messages with severity 7 or some messages that are INFO based. This could prevent EventLog Analyzer clutter and open your analyzing processes to finding problems.

5. Alerting

This is by far most important feature of EventLog Analyzer. Ability to trigger alerts for each and every Source IP, severity, facility and also string inside messages is indispensable for proactively keeping your infrastructure safe. Alerts can be shown on screen and also sent via mail to your NOC for faster troubleshooting. For more information on EventLog alert notifications, you can check out our previous post:


EventLog alert notification