TSE at NetVizura

We are a team of  youngsters (at least we feel that way) inspiring each other to create true value together.We are a team of  youngsters (at least we feel that way) inspiring each other to create true value together.
We are not looking for engineers. We are looking for positive, enthusiastic, smiley and innovative people who know how to make things flow. 
We are also not looking for someone just to join our team, we want someone to be a full part of it. 
Our product is growing slowly but firmly, tempting the global competition everyday.
We do not plan on talking about billion $ projects, millions of users and corporate organization.
We are a small team, that helps customers save valuable time for networking, systems and security management, by developing a software for network monitoring, analysis and management - NetVizura (www.netvizura.com).
We have one true goal to make net admins worldwide happier and their jobs as easy as possible.
By following Agile methodologies, using Scrum, we are being truly dedicated to making positive changes everyday.
We do not expect you to know it all, we just want you to be interested enough to start chasing the world of knowledge.
So if this sounds like a place you would like to live in, you should consider reading the rest...

How we do IT:
We gather around in the morning between 8 and 10, get some coffee/tea and start our daily meeting.
Than we get on with our work - taking care our app is up and running and all our customers are calm and happy.
We love talking about continuous improvement and personal development and taking new challenges.
Apart from full stack development, we are all actively involved in NetVizura development and growth by defining new functionalities, acceptance criteria and writing short technical docs.
We are listening to some great music, having tasty food in the neighborhood and playing some indoor basketball.

What would you do:
Technical support for customers: Know-how support, Support when setting up the devices and the environment, Troubleshooting
Setting up a development and test environment: Virtual Machines, Linux and Windows OS, Generators of network traffic (Syslog, NetFlow, etc.)
The design and execution of test scenarios: Working together with developers while designing tests, Execution of test and verification tasks, Work with developers in order to eliminate the software bugs detected by testing
Testing includes: Installation testing, use-case testing, functional application testing
Setting network devices, especially routers for export NetFlow/IPFIX statistics, SNMP data etc.
Administration of JIRA and Confluence collaboration tools
Writing technical guides

What we need you to have:
Good understanding of computer networking 
Good knowledge of Linux OS and it's distributions
Experience in configuring Linux and Windows servers
Experience in configuring computer networks and network devices
Experience in using network monitoring software
Root cause analysis approach, problem solving skills 
Basic knowledge of relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL...)
Proficiency in English and good communication skills

What we would like you to have:
Basic knowledge of any programming language 
Experience with bash scripting
Familiarity with Agile and Scrum 
Virtualization tools (preferably XEN)

What we can offer:
Work in domestic company on our own product
Office in the city center (Slavija square)
Opportunity to be even part of enthusiastic agile team
Fair salaries and bonuses
Possibility to constantly learn and improve yourself
Paid courses
Stress-free way to make a living

Feel free to apply if you are interested, just by sending your CV at jobs@netvizura.com

NetVizura Team


Mailing and Visiting Address:
Soneco d.o.o.
Makenzijeva 24/VI, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381.11.6356319
Fax: +381.11.2455210
sales@netvizura.com | support@netvizura.com


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