Soneco is proud to have a new partner. Especially because it is Italian market that we are very pasionate about. New partnership agreement is signed with Spindox to help establishing NetVizura on the Italian market. NetVizura is network management tool-set specially tailored to meet network admins needs in the most effective way. The tool-set currently consists of NetFlow Analyzer, EventLog Analyzer, MIB Browser and DNS checker and these solutions will be available to customers in the Italy through Spindox which is now NetVizura's authorized reseller for Italy.

About Spindox

Spindox is a company started in 2007, with the background in software. Today they operate in a wide range of application areas, technologies and processes. Spindox supports their clients in managing applications and IT infrastructures, from demand management to software development, from help desk services to infrastructure maintenance.

Spindox is Soneco’s authorized reseller of NetVizura for Italian market since 2017.

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NetVizura Solutions

NetFlow Analyzer helps network admins with deep network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting. By visualization of the traffic by network devices, interfaces and subnets, network admins can better understand bandwidth consumption, traffic trends, application and host traffic and traffic anomalies. This enables companies to optimize their networks and applications, plan network expansion, save time needed for troubleshooting and diagnostics and improve security - considerably lowering company operational costs.

EventLog Analyzer helps network admin to quickly vizualize, anaylize and navigate to important Syslog and SNMP Trap messages making the overall security and network device status awareness easily.

MIB Browser is a free tool that enables network admins to perform on demand SNMP queries on network devices, browse the MIB tree and manage MIB database fast and easily.

DNS Checker is a free web service for testing the health of your DNS domain and DNS servers.

NetVizura can be downloaded from

Online demo is available at

About Soneco

Soneco is a company based in Belgrade that specializes in software development and ICT consulting. Since 2008, we have been growing steadily and our solutions have made a significant mark on some of the core ICT transformations in the region, and brought us a wider recognition as a reliable partner and a software developer consistent in quality.

Soneco continues to focus on client satisfaction and building strong relationships with partners. Our best recommendation is a number of successfully delivered projects, implemented in various industry verticals, and a strong reference list consisting of recognizable clients.



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