Untangle NetFlow and EventLog configuration


Untangle is a company that is renowned among SMBs, education and nonprofit organizations for its software-based applications that consist of NG firewall and SD-WAN router. Lately, Untangle has also developed Command Center, a remote cluster managed GUI. Their main product, NG Firewall, has been on the market since 2003 and it includes some really interesting features and add-ons.

NG Firewall can be installed on any PC since it is a Debian based Linux distribution. It boasts itself with modern GUI, great dashboard and numerous add-ons, some that are free and some that are paid versions. NetFlow and EventLog configurations are pretty much straightforward, as you will soon find out.

NetFlow configuration 

To configure NetFlow we need to go to Config/Network/Advanced/NetFlow. There we need to enable Netflow, add host and port and set the Netflow version. And believe it or not, that's it! You should soon see the NetFlow exported data in your NetFlow collector.

EventLog configuration 

Syslog configuration is available on the Config/Events/Syslog page. As with the NetFlow, all you need is to enable remote Syslog, add host and port and choose the proper protocol.

That should be enough for the Syslog messages to start flowing into your EventLog collector. Besides the aforementioned, you may as well edit Syslog rules in order to receive only the messages you see fit.

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