Aruba NetFlow and EventLog configuration


Aruba is a global network company, a leader in Wi-Fi technology. Their most renowned merchandise are switches, which are purpose-built for the cloud, mobile and IoT. Users find Aruba CLI very comprehensible and its remarkably well designed GUI contains useful Dashboard and System Monitor.

NetFlow Configuration 

Aruba switches support sFlow and great thing is that you don't need a lot of time to configure it. 

All configurations are done within CLI. For example: 

As the example above shows, there are only three things to configure:

  • Destination - IP address and port (6343 is default port)
  • Polling - you should choose a polling interval in seconds
  • Sampling - you configure ratio (50-65535), which means that 1 packet in n (the number you chose) is sent to NetFlow collector.

Concerning the polling and packet configuration, you can select from which ports you want to export sFlow or you can include all of them.

Afterwards, you may check whether the sFlow agent is running with show sflow agent command. Also, show sflow 1 destination command allows you to monitor the number of datagrams sent.

If you have completed the configuration successfully, NetFlow should be flowing into your collector.

EventLog configuration 

EventLog configuration is very similar to NetFlow one, and it is conducted in CLI as well. An example of configuration you may find below:

Let's break this down into simple steps:

  • Specify IP address of the EventLog collector
  • Determine facility and severity level
  • notify running-config-change​ is an interesting feature, which notifies you when someone changes configuration parameters for your Aruba switch​.

Another Aruba specific option is system-module, that enables you to set event messages from specific system modules (subsystems) to be sent to EventLog collector. 

With this simple configuration, messages should rush into your EventLog collector!

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